Let's take a closer look, together.
EyeOn45 Inc. is a non-profit founded for the exclusive purpose of using crowdsourced teams to create infographic media highlighting conflicts of interest in the executive branch of the United States government.


Why Infographics?

Infographic media is beneficial for a number of reasons. It allows for the easy consumption of data if presented well. From a production standpoint, infographic media can be created in a decentralized fashion and doesn't require expensive locations shoots or other production costs beyond software and access to previously created media.

If you are not aware of infographic-style media, please see this example video of a simple video explaining air traffic numbers, and this more complex infographic video explaining the European debt crisis of 2015.

Why Only Conflicts of Interest?

Generally, conflicts of interest are complex issues that are difficult to explain, especially to people who do not have a background in the subject. Unlike many other issues which can be easily discussed in a short news segments, conflicts of interest, and the inter-connectedness of influence in an organization requires more detail not generally conducive to major media formats. For this reason, the creation of concise, straight-forward media focusing on this subject is needed in formats that allow for easy sharing and viewing.

With the narrow mission of EyeOn45 Inc., a deeper analysis can be done on this issue, which has mostly been left to traditional journalists. With the new executive administration, there is simply too much material for lone journalists to uncover, digest, and disseminate in a manner that can take hold in the public.

If enough volunteers join, our mission may expand to other subject areas that could benefit from inforgraphic presentations like healthcare, local/state elections, and gerrymandering. However, our initial mission is to focus on conflicts of interests only.


EyeOn45 has three main branches including research, content creation, and administration. The administration branch handles the inner workings of the organization, drawing in new volunteers, and communicating externally with other similar groups that have already researched these issues. The research branch takes whatever information is already available to the public, verifies information discovered by other groups, and if needed attempts to uncover information as needed for each project. The content creation branch takes the research done and creates various media including pictures, videos, and other web content.

Volunteer for EyeOn45

Please fill out our form to volunteer!

EyeOn45 is a crowdsourced project. Anyone and everyone is welcome to help and contribute. The level of volunteering depends only on you! You can contribute as little or as much time as you want. The minimum-investment jobs include submitting any news regarding conflicts of interest to our Reddit group or pledging to share our content when released.

If you'd like to volunteer beyond joining our social media groups, we have positions based on how much you'd like to help: Weekly, Monthly, and "on call". Each of these positions directly benefits and supports the content we create.

For example, volunteer to be "on call" and join our list of people we reach out to for answering questions related to your professional background. For Lawyers, this may include requests for legal searches to be done (in services such as WestLaw/Lexus, etc.). For Accountants and Finance you could be asked to review financial documents. Writers may be asked to proofread script ideas and drafts.

While the sharing and on-call volunteers help out when called upon or when they have spare time, each level beyond on-call works on teams directly related to specific projects in a proactive manner. The amount you can do is only dictated by the time and initiative you offer. Of course, we understand if life and/or political tastes change so you can of course change your commitment level in the future as the need arises.

Currently, as we are in the initial organization phase, we are in heavy need of graphic designers with access to either Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, or Audition experience, people with business backgrounds that can understand financial documents, lawyers or other people with experience with FOIA requests, and social media representatives including people with Reddit or Facebook moderating experiences.

Please fill out our form or subscribe to the r/EyeOn45 subreddit to join the team!

Future Projects